What is Escape Advisors about? 

Escape Advisors is a portal for escape room reviews from around the world. While we have a limited time to work on it, as we are all have full time jobs, we consider to have a solid base of played/reviewed escape rooms, and the necessary expertise to be able to rate objectively every experience. 

It’s a non profit project destined to escape room fanatics, that wants to have an active community and hopes to become a center of reference for choosing an escape room to play/buy from operators all over the globe. 

It’s a mission initially launched in Bucharest, Romania, to improve the quality of escape rooms on the market by offering operators a platform where we – as experienced users, and other clients of theirs get to express our opinions, and give a feedback about their “products”. 

Who we are? 


→ the original members of Escape Advisors, and probably one of the most fun and effective team you could place in an escape room; initially started this “quest” as a hobby for a new cool social game, and then we realized we actually love it. To our disappointment, there were a lot of people trying to take advantage of the easy investment at that time for creating an escape room, by opening games that had no logic or fun in them, so we’ve decided to create a portal in which both us and other users can come and share the opinions and ratings for the missions we’ve played. 

Escape Advisor Robert Kara

Name: Robert Kara

Alias: Jungle Jumper

Current location: Brussels, Belgium

About: Founder of this project, escape room addict, upside down chimney sweep, and Ambassador of Awesomeness. 

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Escape Advisor Radu Patulescu

Name: Radu Patulescu

Alias: Radami

Current location: London, UK

About: Old soul trapped in a god-like body. Excellent listener, easy talk (ex debater), grower, favorite (and only) ride- a bike, lives near the sea, loves tight t-shirts, actively straightening teeth, great job (your parents would be proud), STD free (papers to prove), awesome friends (you should be so lucky to meet them), not so keen on anal sex. 

Escape Advisor Dragos Taralunga

Name: Dragos Taralunga

Alias: Dino

Birthday: 3rd of January

Current location: Bucharest, Romania


Escape Advisor Madalina Craiu

Name: Madalina Craiu

Alias: The Tactilographist

Birthday: 26th of November

Current location: Bucharest, Romania


The joinins – The Champions

→ The people with enough experience who have joined in the project; For such a website to work, we need a lot of reviews, a lot of ratings and for that of course we need people who’ve played escape rooms to write about and who have enough experience in order to have a certain level of objectivity within their evaluations; So here are the newest solid members of Escape Advisors:

Escape Advisor Oana Valeria Radu

Name: Oana Valeria Radu

Alias: Serial Reader

Current location: Bucharest, Romania

About: First join-in of this project, proud serial reader, traveler, movie goer & escaper.

Links: Serial Readers , Facebook

The trainees – The future champs

→ This is a section for people who would like to join our team; we are happy to welcome people from around the world, as long as they can prove they have a solid experience in escape rooms. After a considerable contribution to our website in terms of content and improvements, they will become Champions;

→ So why would you join us? For 3 simple reasons: 

  1. You are an escape room fanatic, just like us; 
  2. You like our website and would like to contribute to its development;
  3. You get an awesome cartoon version of your face (just like the ones above) upon selection. 

This could be you!

This could be you!

This could be you!

This could be you!

Why us?

Because after playing more than 150 escape rooms, we think we have a good enough level of expertise to be able to evaluate the quality of a game from multiple points of view. 

Because we have developed a system of calculation for ratings to prioritize important elements of an escape room, and yet take into account more than 30 different factors for a final result. 

Because we are passionate enough to develop such a project for free and we continuously invest our time and energy into making it better. Remember that we are not professionals, we’re just avid players and fans of this concept. 

Don't forget sharing is caring! <3
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